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11/18/2014 - I like being involved in history and not just reading about it later, 

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Dear Stryker and Sponsors,

I had to take a leap of faith recently by trusting God for provisions when I was not able to meet needs I have met many times before. I really desire to contribute and sponsor a few people myself. So from the deepest part of my heart I am grateful that all of you are supporting us. I am a mother of five and do not presently have income yet this is changing within hours not only for me but all of us. I have to believe that God will bring this harvest into manifestation. He is not a liar. I will stand on this belief even if yall are not able to. I cannot bash those gentlemen who host calls for the benefit of others as they are in their heart of hearts trying to help. They give hope. Now the service you and the mods here provide is PRICELESS, THANK YOU FOR STEPPING UP AND OUT to provide the FACTS for those of us who need the facts. I just stopped by to say that I appreciate you and the sponsors. I will get the info hopefully soon for the TV.

In God we Trust!!!
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