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About Stryker Blog
This is where you can find out why Steve created Stryker Blog and why we are a private access site
by Stryker
Here you will find why Stryker Blog went Private after a year and a half as a public form. You will find a short bio on Stryker himself and an understanding of what we are all about. There is no substitute for educating yourself with FACTS when it comes to an investment like this.
by karenw
Helpful Tutorials, Hints & Questions
Do you need help on how to best use these forums, post articles, post comments or ask questions? Do you have a general question? Well, this is the place to find all your answers!!
- - Private
Announcements & How Best To Use The Stryker Team Forum
The Stryker Team will post important announcements in here......
- - Private
Stryker & the New Professional Transparency Team
Stryker and this new Team of Professionals will talk about the Iraqi Dinar, what are the real possibilities and what we should be aware of in our own currency, so we know what to do pre & post RV.
- - Private

Dinar Daily News Forums

Dinar Daily News
A complete news section, daily articles posted by the News Team and Participating Members; for those that have more time to read......
- - Private
Members Uncensored
Member's place to express their thoughts, make special announcements or just bring other members in for open debates. Member can place advertisements but most be pre-approved first.
- - Private
The Newshounds Journal
Organization of Articles that have the same topic. This is where the newshounds gather the same topics so the readers can tell if they have the same meaning or if the subject is being changed/altered.
- - Private
Links to where members have and can copy and paste articles under titled subjects for easy comparison.
- - Private

Stryker's Logistics

Stryker Web TV & Blog Talk Radio
Private Webcast - Level Up Paid Access Only, Stryker Blog Host Dr. Asad Alsafi Oct 6th & 7th a Private Webcast
IN THIS FORUM: LIVE Broadcast Viewing Screen, On Demand Playback LINKS and where members share their thoughts and ask questions about any of Stryker's Webcast. If you are having issues watching these webcast email to: info@StrykerBlog.com
- - Private
Stryker's Blog Spot
Catch Stryker's latest Blog here, not a typical Break Down but read what he has to say about either an article or where we are with this investment, his opinion.
- - Private
Stryker's Break Downs
Past and Present Stryker Break Downs
- - Private
Stryker Uncensored
Stryker's place to express his thoughts, present his breakdowns, post special announcements or just bring members in for open debates.
- - Private
Conference Call & Conference Call Questions
This is where members can post questions in advance to a pre-announced conference call, …
- - Private

Other Topics

Iraqi Biographies of Key Players
These are various politicians, judges, leaders of government, leaders of provinces, religious leaders or any other people in key roles in the Republic of Iraq
- - Private
Vietnam Dong Related News
All Vietnam dong news or videos that may give clues to a pending revaluation
- - Private
Video Library
This is where video are posted, please give them a title and a description.
- - Private
General Information
General information, articles or opinions.
- - Private
Off Topics
Post any topic that you want to here; please keep it clean.
- - Private
Lop Talk Section
This is where the LOP questions are ask and where you can find out what a LOP is. All LOP discussions are restricted to this section. Thank you, Stryker.
- - Private
Rumors are posted here.
- - Private
Law Library Discussions
Law Library is where Stryker, Team Stryker or Members post articles, documents, the official Iraqi Gazette listings or any Law Related Information. Please check the CT Archive Section too!
- - Private

Investment Section

Getting Ready & Being Prepared
Are You Ready? I will post in here things to think about if this investment in fact makes us dinar holders a windfall. Feel free to share ideas or thoughts but please do not solicit business here
- - Private
ISX Discussions
COMING SOON, MOVING INFO FROM THE CT SITE; Post here any information that has to do with the Iraqi Stock Exchange
- - Private
Warka Bank & Banking
This section is where Stryker, Team Stryker or Members will post articles, questions and anything Warka & Banking Related Information
- - Private
Post RV Investments
Post Information, Articles or Have Discussions about the Post RV Investment Discussions here.
- - Private
Rules & Disclaimer
The most important rule we have is to be respectful to each other but read all rules and disclaimers in here. Thank you all for making Stryker Blog a great place to be a part of.
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by Stryker

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